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  • Handmade from Belgian Chocolate
















































The sweetener used in the sugar free chocolate is Maltitol which has a pleasant sweet taste about 90% as sweet as sugar,non-cariogenic and significantly reduced in calories.Maltitol is only 2.1 calories per gram compared to sugar at 4 calories per gram.Maltitol is useful in the diets of Diabetics because it is slowly absorbed into the system therefore when Maltitol is used,the rise in blood glucoseand the insulin response associated with the ingestion of glucose is reduced.



SUGAR FREE 6 resize SUGAR FREE 6 resize MILK CHOC 100g.ResizeJPG SF HAZLENUT 100g sf dark orange 100g


                                  IMPORTANT NOTICE


Due to temporary supply problem of Milk Chocolate from Belgium until MID SEPTEMBER no MILK Chocolate varieties will be available until then,sorry for inconvenience. DARK Chocolate varieties  are available as normal                                                                        



















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100g selection sf SUGAR FREE 6 resize SUGAR FREE 6 resize

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